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Meat Journal Publishing Co.,
is a totally integrated multimedia company geared toward the meat industry. In addition to publishing a prestigious monthly magazine, the "Meat Journal", and a daily publication, the "Meat News", two of the most renowned professional journals in the meat industry in Korea, it provides a full line of services related to publications, editing, catalogue and pamphlet production, advertisement planning, and rental of industry related photos and other photo negatives of interest for the use in point of sales materials.

Since the June issue in 1996, a new name, "MEAT JOURNAL" has replaced an old name, to reflect the rapidly changing meat industry in Korea. Since the inception of the magazine in march of 1992, it was published. The "Meat Journal" is widely circulated among the meat and livestock industry related companies, wholesale and retail business and their key players as well as in livestock related governmental, educational and research institutions.

"Daily Meat News"
Telefaxed to the subscribers Monday through Saturday, it provides the last minute up to date news and tidbits of the goings on in the industry as well as various market prices of beef, pork, imported meats and other important livestock indicators. Currently the "daily meat news" consists of 5 pages, with a recap and summary of market prices on Saturday issue.

The major articles form both "Meat Journal" and "Daily Meat News" are put on the CHOLLIAN(http://www.chollian.net), a Korean Internet service provider.

Catalogue Production.
Meat Journal's team of talented designers can assist any foreign companies interested in producing a Korean catalogue or advertisement production be it form scratch or by means of utilizing slides or lay outs provided the foreign client. If an existing catalogue on a diskette in a MacKintosh format can be provided to us, it can be converted to a Korean production cost to our clients.

The Meat Journal's Due time is 10th of every month.
The Meat Journal's volume of circulation is around 5,000 a month, and It has been distributed to Meat processing companies, NLCF, its members, Meat Shops, Department's Meat conners, Meat associations, Livestock farmers, Livestock organizations, Meat academic circles, Government institutions, distribution companies, and readers all over the nationwide.
We're pleased to be a good partner.

Reporter, The Meat Journal

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e-mail : meat@meat.co.kr

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